HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.

03 – 12 Mechanisms

Zystennieren, Kaffee und 12 Mechanismen

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to share some research with you in my new infographic. These are 12 mechanisms of PKD that scientists have already learnt to influence in a positive way. And I am showing you how you can do it at home in these posts. We don’t use medication, we use the power of real food in a new, scientific way.

You can see all the fancy names in the infographic, but you don’t have to know them. You just need to know what to do! Mechanism of the Day: mTOR. We already saw yesterday that mTOR can be inhibited by bulletproof intermittent fasting and protein fasting. But that is not all! Other things you can consider are:

– lab-tested toxin-free Coffee. Currently Made by 2 brands. “Bulletproof Coffee” and “Flowgrade Coffee”. (if your neph says it is a bad idea, show them the 2 studies linked below.) Here is how to make it, perfect for bulletproof intermittent fasting:

– High intensity interval training (which is the most time-efficient form of sports) at the end of your fasting window right before lunch
High Absorption Curcumin (Not the standard stuff you find at most grocery stores)
– Quercetin 500mg twice daily
– Fucoidin (3-6g daily in the mornings)

If you would combine ALL of these, that would make for a pretty effective inhibition of mTOR. But even doing only some of these might be enough for you to change how your cysts grow. There is only one way to find out: try it for yourself. All of this will work much better if you have built your House of Health with a great diet, for this, look into POST #02. Now it is YOUR turn to tell ME: Did I explain it enough? What information do you need next? Will you incorporate these methods into your life? Will you change your diet? comment below. 🙂 Heal well you all 🙂

(c) infographic No1: Felix Müller