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Curcumin & Ginkgo: A Powerful Combination for PKD Cysts

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making some more of my fabled Curcumin capsules. Details below. You can check out the recipe video I made a while ago here: (This recipe is 15x cheaper than NovaSOL.) Since the topic of Curcumin supplementation has gained so much traction here, I wanted to quickly talk about it again here.

We know, that in conjunction with Ginkgo B., Curcumin has potent effects on cyst growth so naturally it would be a great supplement to choose. The only problem is reaching adequate blood levels, which is tricky since it is a large molecule that doesnt easily penetrate the gut barrier.We can help it get through with several methods. A crude method is using Piperine, also Bioperine or Black Pepper, which basically opens up the gut lining and gives the user temporary “leaky gut”, letting curcumin through in small amounts, but also letting other nasty stuff penetrate into our blood stream like toxins, endotoxins, food particles and bacteria, which can worsen infections or even theoretically increase cyst growth since endotoxin seem to play a big role in triggering cyst growth.There are newer and more sophisticated methods of making curcumin bioavailable using chemicals that bind to it on one side and can bind to water on the other, making it water-soluble. That is key for optimal absorption of curcumin.We also need it to be “enteric coated”, which means it is encapsulated by HPMC, which will only dissolve in the gut, preventing disintegration in the stomach.

The two products i used to recommend the most were CurcuWin and NovaSol Based Curcumin formulations since both have a very high bioavailability. However, my most recent research has uncovered that NovaSOL’s Polysorbate-80 and CurcuWin’s PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) are questionable compounds. Polysorbate-80 opens the tight junctions just as black pepper does, or even worse- and Polyvinylpyrrolidone┬áis a synthetic polymer that has some research showing carcinogenicity in rodents. Hence, I am now recommending you use Theracurmin or Longvida, which have slightly lower bioavailability than these products, but they do so without highly questionable ingredients. Theracurmin works by using a nano-sized curcumin, while Longvida uses a Lipid encapsulation. Longvida has better studies for brain effects, while Theracurmin seems better suited for whole-body applications. Blood levels also seem to rise more with dosage than for Longvida. Now, you could buy and use these products, no problem. But if you want more curcumin for your money, I have discovered an awesome recipe that gives an unbelievable value, unmatched solubility and, to top it all off, no weird chemicals as well as 5.3x higher potency than NovaSOL even.

I call it “Black Sludge”. It’s a recipe by Brad Culkin, who is a multiple patent-holding chemist and developed it for his own use- and for his family.It is a little more involved to make but you can get so much more out of it than by buying the standard products, financially but also dose-wise and even from a chemicals standpoint.

Ingredients are:

– Curcuminoids 95% or higher
– Sodium Carbonate (not bicarbonate)
– 99% Vegetable Glycerol
– Glycerin
– Curcumin 95%
– Sodium Carbonate
– HPMC Coated Capsules

Thats it!
Much cleaner than the other formulations. No Pepper, No Polysorbate-80 or PVP, no weird stuff.160mg of Water-soluble and thereby maximally bioavailable curcumin in one capsule! You can actually see the difference between Black Sludge and NovaSOL in this picture. The darker it is, the more curcumin is dissolved in the mixture.
Our Product is so dark its practically black. But if you dip it in water, you can see that it is a beautiful, transparent, deep red.
No weaksauce ?You can check out the recipe video I made a while ago here:

PS: You can use an FFP2 mask instead of the respirators we use here. Makes things a lot easier. ? Also, remember to wear glasses to protect mucous membranes in the eyes.The steam can irritate so if you notice anything, please stop, ventilate and reassess.

The supplement list can be found here.