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Or: Why you should switch your default search engine NOW.

This page is all about finding unconventional health information, and for that it is vital that we get access to every bit of info thats out there, not just what is regarded mainstream. In 2019, Google signed a contract with mutliple governments to “limit the spread of misinformation” and since that day, the tech giant has begun censoring health information. Facebook signed that same contract so, when I tried to link the following article there, it had made the previous version of this post “disappear” right after posting it.

So I am writing this post, for the second time. How ironic.

The biggest alternative health site, in 2019 after signing of the contract logged an over 90%-drop in traffic from google, and now is down to zero. Search results that were once top-ten are now nowhere to be found on the engine. I have been using the alternative search engine for some time now and it has been a good experience. Whenever I need something that it is not showing me, I can still resort to google, which is totally fine.

But you should never again rely on google if you want to find out the truth about something regarding health, which has become all the more important in the past year, or politics even.
The tech giants are controlling your information sources, and thereby your opinions. This is not okay. And we need to stop it in our own homes first. Here is a quick tutorial how to change the default search engine on your devices.’s-Default-Search-Engine