HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.


Many keep asking for specific products and recommendations,so I will now put together a small shopping guide for you this Christmas time. I use all the articles listed here, or similar- and most of them contribute specifically to PKD, but some just contribute to overall health. Lets briefly go through the overview together: The books, of course, are essential if you don’t just want to know WHAT to get, but also WHY. In my opinion, the bulletproof diet is the most comprehensive form of clean keto availableand it contains many details that are important for kidney health. Especially in the area of toxins and antinutrients you can learn a lot here. But also the special emphasis on organic vegetables and pasture raised/grass-fed meat (no, organic is not enough here) is an important point. The two books “Plant Paradox” and “Longevity Paradox” go further into detail on antinutrients and are also quite entertaining.

So lets cover the “basics” of Bulletproof Coffee. This is mold-free coffee mixed with butter and MCT oil. You really have to make sure that everything is prepared without plastic or aluminum, since a particularly large number of substances are dissolved in the water when acidic and fatty or hot substances like coffee are used. You can blend your coffee with a stainless steel hand blender in a large glass mason jaror in a glass blender with a stainless steel plate as the inner bottom. I use the “Magimix Le Blender”. I linked a similar option below. The Coffee is prepared in a glass french press, also linked below. Ingredients: Real Bulletproof “Original” coffee, whole beans, freshly ground, MCT oil from a glass bottle and Kerrygold/ANKER/Organic Valley grass-fed butter. It is a good idea to add a spoonful of grass fed collagen every now and then to the coffee and to meals, to strengthen the connective tissue, which is particularly weak in PKD.

However, this is only done on days when there is no intermittent fasting in the morningbecause the collagen may interrupt this (science is not settled yet) I also linked “Lakanto” below because it is simply the best sugar substitute. It combines Erythritol with monkfruit and tastes like heaven. And its guilt-free. Let’s go over a few basic nutritional supplements: In general, I choose products that are bang-for-buck winners for me considering ingredients and effectiveness. As for the two options on magnesium – malate or magnesium citrate. For later stages more citrate might be warranted, to get rid of microscopic kidney stones, for earlier stages you might like malate, because it charges your krebs cycle (energy production) morewhich leads to more of your own citrate production. (More information about this in the post on citrate)

Vitamin D and K2 are always taken together, and not too little: 1000 IU D3 per 25 lbs body weight per day. Add to that at least 200 mcg of K2 MK7. Fish oil is super important for blood pressure and blood clotting as well as cognitive skills. One gram of EPA + DHA a day in total minimum. Bonus points for more! Some take around 8 grams of total fish oil or even more. A good B complex is mandatory and not everyone can tolerate the standard form, hence the completely coenzymated version linked below.

Turmeric: should not be consumed in the standard form using black pepper as an ingredient, the black pepper affects the intestinal gut lining and lets nasty toxins through with the curcumin it is also always contaminated with mold. Therefore I link to a version without any pepper. For everyone who wants to save a lot of money making their own curcumin mix check out my video on the recipe:

Dr.Mercola’s “Autophagy Tea” gets a special category. This was actually developed as an anti-aging tea, helps with sleepand especially boosts autophagy, i.e. the body’s recycling of damaged cells (e.g. those in cysts). This tea is made in the evening before going to bed:

1 cup of chamomile tea (organic), with
1/2 tl quercetin,
1/2 tl garcinia,
1/2 tl glycine and
1 tl Pau d’arco.
Add some Lakanto to taste if necessary (I find it sweet enough due to the glycine) Some other substances that have a positive effect on PKD because they activate mechanisms of action such as AMPK or block mTOR are:

Ginkgo B.,
Quercetin and

Ubiquinol is the active form of coenzyme Q10 and is generally recommended for kidney problems in order to stimulate the damaged mitochondria (powerhouses of the cell) again. Activated charcoal is a great thing to clean the stomach and intestines of any toxins (and even endotoxins) in the evening (at least 2 hours after each meal) and thus relieve the kidneys. Take some capsules or a tsp to a tbsp in a glass of water. Of course not if you are taking anything else like autophagy tea. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Zinc and copper should always be taken in combination and are fundamentally important minerals that many are missing these days. Hence I linked a combination supplement below. On to some kitchen utensils that serve me very well: – A Glass water kettle with temperature control – better coffee with 90 degrees – and no plastics! – What water?

I choose a strong but affordable under-counter water filter from Aquasana. Does not waste water, but still removes a large part of the medication residues and pollutants, as well as fluoride from the tap water. A reverse osmosis version is available as well. – Kitchen scale – essential for making Bulletproof coffee. Must-have! – Automated cooking: Coffee maker, steamer, halogen oven, instant pot: more nutrients, less work. All plastic-free on the inside. You should really pay attention to this. – Pink Salt – Absolutely essential! Anyone who still uses iodized salt or table salt: throw it out! – Coconut milk without BPA from a carton. No plasticizers, no milk proteins. This one still has potassium sorbate. If you can find an option with carrageenan or gellan or xanthan gum thats in a carton, let me know. – Ceramic pan – just a great item to have. The first coating that really leeches almost nothing into the food.

Conventional non-stick pans, scratched or not, leech fluoride into the food and the air. Not to speak about aluminum pots and pans! Really not good for a limited detoxification system. Finally, a link to a chemical-free soap. I personally do not use any other soaps or shampoos. I also tossed out toothpaste after using an oral probiotic to kill bad bugs in my mouth. Bad breath be gone. Works like a charm. Those who still use toothpaste should at least switch to one of the organic brands like the one below. Dental floss is a must, a stainless steel tongue scraper and an oral irrigator have been with me for a long time and are worth their weight in gold.

I have never had better teeth than now. Another great tip for healthy teeth is regular consumption of bone broth, raw grassfed milk and raw grassfed cheeses. Not everyone tolerates all of these so your results may vary. You may not know this, but teeth can actually heal. Check out the book by ramiel nagel linked below if dental hygiene is a problem area for you. As a bonus: I let a heat lamp shine on my kidneys every morning for at least 10 minutes by sitting with my bare back toward it.

This strengthens mitochondria and mechanistically speaking it should slow down PKD. After that I take a cold shower for at least 60 seconds – this also strengthens the mitochondria. Yes, you can take a warm shower first and do the cold (all the way) afterwards for 30-120 seconds. Try it. It has so many health benefits. The following links to some pages are my personal links. If you buy something, you pay the same, and I get a small cut from Amazon. It is not much, but if I can help you a little with this guide here, you can help me out.

If not, you can just search for the items on Amazon yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Shopping!


Books: Bulletproof Diet Book:
Bulletproof Cookbook:
The Plant Paradox (Learn about Lectins):
The Longevity Paradox (Anti Aging without Lectins):
Cure Tooth Decay:

Plastic-Free Blender:
Glass Water Kettle with temperature control:
French Press Coffee maker (plastic free):
Digital kitchen scale:
Water Filter (Reverse Osmosis):
Water filter (Carbon):
Steamer, BPA-free:
Instant-Pot Pressure Cooker:
Halogen Oven:
Ceramic coated stainless steel pan:

Original Mold-Free Bulletproof Coffee Beans:
C8 C10 MCT
Collagen Powder:
Grass-Fed EPIC Bison Bars for travel:
Grass-Fed Collagen bars for travel:
Lakanto Sweetener:
Himalayan Salt:
Coconut milk, bpa-free:

Ginkgo Biloba:
Betaine HCL:
Activated Charcoal (regular):
Coconut Charcoal (even cleaner):
Coenzyme Vitamin B-Complex:
Ubiquinol (Coenzym Q10):
Zinc&Copper balanced:
Omega-3 Fish Oil:
Vitamin D3&K2 Oil:
Super Bioavailable Curcumin:
Magnesium Malate:

Ginkgo Biloba:
Betaine HCL:
Coenzyme Vitamin B-Complex:
Ubiquinol (CoQ10):
Zinc&Copper balanced:
Omega-3 Fish Oil:
Magnesium Malate:
Magnesium Malate alternative:
Vitamin D3&K2 Oil:
Super Bioavailable Curcumin:
BHB – Ketone Ester:
Oral Probiotic:
Whole Food Vitamin C:
Essential Amino Acids:

Supplements (Powders):

Autophagy Tea
Garcinia 80% HCA:
Pau d’arco:
Chamomile Powder:
Glycine Powder:
Quercetin Powder:
Magnesium Citrate:
Potassium Citrate (dose correctly & with caution, overdose can be fatal):
Calcium Carbonate (To add to oxalate-containing meals)

Ultraclean Olive oil based soap bar:
Tongue scraper:

Red Light Therapy
Simple Near Infrared Heatlamp:
LED Light panel: