HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.


For anyone, who really wants to up their game while fasting and increase PKD-healing autophagy to the max, while inhibiting mTOR: I was recently challenged by my friend Ryan on the topic of polyphenols and their healing powers and I remembered there was a potent “Autophagy Tea” proposed by dr. Mercola recently.

I have ordered the ingredients and will incorporate this as my bedtime drink. This should, in theory, potentiate the effects of intermittent fasting and speed up any cyst shrinkage that’s going on.

the recipe:
1 tsp Pau d’ Arco powdered tea
½ tsp hydroxycitrate and garcinia (HCA/Garcinia powder)
½ tsp quercetin powder
½ tsp glycine powder
½ teaspoon chamomile powder
Lakanto monk fruit sweetenerto taste (optional)

You can get the ingredients here:
Garcinia 80% HCA:
Pau d’arco:
Chamomile Powder:
Glycine Powder:
Quercetin Powder:
Lakanto sweetener: