HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.


So, this is new. Deterium is a heavy Isotope of water, also called heavy water. In excess, it destroys our mitochondria, kind of like throwing a brick into a washing machine. (Ever saw that video? :-D) Its just too heavy. Deuterium occurs naturally in all water. The deuterium content of our oceans has increased from ~135 ppm to ~155 ppm in the last 10.000 years. Depleting one’s body of deuterium by eating a high – fat diet like bulletproof and adding to that a drink of deuterium depleted water, has resulted in some very good recovery of cancers. (remember, PKD is VERY similar to cancer in most ways) And since we are not adding some new supplement, but taking something out that shouldn’t even be there, I am very interested. So for everyone who wants to do a deep dive into the topic, here is a detailed podcast about it.

How does FAT help us make DDW? Like a camel, we can use fat: “When fat is metabolised to release energy, the carbon and hydrogen atoms combine with oxygen to form CO2 and water. Fat is a mixture of hydrocarbons. Each gram of fat broken down in this way releases just over a gram of water.” – Luis Villazon The hydrogens we get from good fats are already Deuterium depleted, since the plants do it for us.

Some more resources and papers can be found here:

What I personally do now is ordering DDW (Deuterium Depleted Water) at 10-25 ppm online and diluting that with 2 parts of filtered water or spring water. I then drink only this water for about 2 months per year. I might do the test thats offered on afterwards. The goal is to get ones own body below 130 ppm.

Brands for DDW: Qlarivia, Preventa