HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.

Breakthrough Results After 7 Years of Reversing PKD

reversing pkd breakthrough results

This website has its roots in a facebook group I founded way back in 2016 as my personal refuge – I founded it because it was the only place where I could tell people about the amazing results I was seeing with the bulletproof diet and my PKD. Back in 2015 I was getting thrown out of all of the major social media groups for telling people there was something they could do about their polycystic kidney disease besides standard polycystic kidney disease treatment with tolvaptan and blood pressure medication. Since then the group has transformed into one of the largest groups on Facebook and it is growing by the day. Scientists have finally started looking at a ketogenic diet for polycystic kidney disease seriously, and others have jumped on the bandwagon and are shouting it from the rooftops – keto works. But it is not just keto that is important.

There are caveats to any style of eating, and strict keto can be an issue for many people. This is why we are looking beyond keto, towards bulletproof, with its much more specific approach including intermittent fasting, meat quality and carb refeeds, as well as avoiding not just oxalates but also lectins and phytates. All of this is important to keep reversing PKD as we need to keep hormones and pH in balance while removing as many toxins as we possibly can. At the same time we need to keep the kidney stocked up with essential amino acids from high-quality proteins, so function doesn’t deteriorate and the kidney actually has the raw materials to rebuild. Many of these aspects are still widely unknown and I will keep bringing them forward to help everyone improve – and reverse their PKD.

But this post is more than a reminder of what Reversing PKD is about, it is also one to celebrate the successes that we have seen over the years. I have compiled a sort of best-of of our members posting about their own improvements.

If you have PKD, you are reading this and aren’t doing a clean ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and carb-refeeds, avoiding antinutrients wherever possible and minding your pH levels- Use this as inspiration to get on the bandwagon, if you have not already. 😉

A very short statistical analysis of the 21 reports about GFR on my facebook group has resulted in an average reported GFR increase of almost 17 points over an average of 354 days, so roughly a year. Keep in mind that many of those reports are short term and could well have gone up further over time if people stay with the program. Also, not all members are adhering to all the recommendations, so these results might even be an underrepresentation of what is possible.

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