HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.

11 – HDACs and TNF-alpha

Hey Kidney friends. Today I’m gonna dive straight into the science. The next things we can do to stack the PKD cards in our favor is to block 2 things that are called “HDACs” and “TNF-alpha”. HDAC stands for Histone-Deacetylase, that’s an enzyme and its primary job is to regulate gene expression. Yes- thats a good thing.

Because PKD is a genetic condition. This might be interesting, right? So in animal models inhibition of several HDACs resulted in a betterment of the condition. Well, surely they used some ungodly chemicals to achieve these results? Yes, they did. But why? Because chemicals can be patented- and Butter and veggies can not. That’s right. Butyric acid, which is formed in your gut when you consume lots of nonstarchy vegetables or Apple Cider Vinegar- and is even 3-4% of grassfed butter- is a well-known HDAC inhibitor. Another reason to eat your veggies.

And eat them with some Butter, too! But: don’t expect cooked butter to give you a lot of benefits. Instead let it melt on top of your steak & vegetables to enjoy all the benefits, as well as the great taste. Mmmh. Kerrygold or Anker are the most prominent brands of grass-fed butter. Grass-fed is mandatory. And once you are on that high-fat path- keep walking it, because it has been shown in studies that being in ketosis, where you burn fat for energy, (ketones instead of glucose) will also inhibit those nasty HDACs. There are even blood meters to indicate ketosis. It starts at 0.7 but you can go up way higher than that. Higher might be better. Consuming that MCT oil in your bulletproof coffee- or even in your salad will also raise Ketones in your blood stream. I told ya- go for the Bulletproof Dietit is just about perfect for us.

What was that other thing again? Thats right. TNF-alpha. Thats a very important signaling molecule abused by cystic tissue to go on building larger and larger cysts. Less TNF-alpha equals less cysts in animal studies. Butyric acid will lower it. Taking Astragalus, which is a fabulous chinese herb with many health benefits, will also lower it. Read up on it, and get yourself some 500mg of standardized extract and take it daily. Another thing you absolutely should do, is get a couple of infrared bulbs and shine them on your kidneys for half an hour every couple of days. why?

Because there has been a study on “Irradiation with Polychromatic Visible and Infrared Light”. Quote:”In three subjects characterized by elevated TNF- level, the content of other pro-inflammatory cytokines dropped 34 times as soon as 0.5 h after the single VIP-irradiation.” 24 hours after light therapy TNF-alpha levels were ZERO.

Thats about as much bang for your buck as you can get. Thats all for today guys and gals- I hope you can gain some insight from this info and most importantly- TAKE ACTION. We have no time to lose to win the battle against this disease. Heal well! regards Yours truly, Felix Müller