HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.

06 – Autophagy For Recycling Your Damaged Cells

Good morning to you all! Today it’s all about recycling.

WHAT? Our PKD mechanisms of the day are Ca2+ AND Autophagy! I chose to tell you about both because they are triggered at the same time. In PKD, both Ca2+ (Intracellular Calcium) Content of your Cells, and Autophagy (recycling of damaged cells) is reduced. These are among the major factors in growing cysts.

Today I am going to sum up the three things anyone can do to increase them, and thereby possibly reduce their cyst growth. – Protein fasting. You guessed it. Protein fasting is so damn good for you if you do it right and do it once a week. There are many other positive aspects like anti-aging- it is just good for you. If you want to recycle those damaged cells (like cysts) like a boss, you have to do it right. look at for more details on this, but the basics is this: eat less than 15grams of protein on that day. Eat safe carbs and fats, all from the bulletproof roadmap. And don’t be fooled. You can easily get 15g of protein by eating even rice and broccoli!

Plan your meal for the day in cronometer and see if you can stay below 15g. and don’t forget to meet your calorie needs. Good ideas are sweet potatoes, avocados, butter, etc. – Intermittent fasting. Yep. this one again. You really should be doing this every day 4-6 days a week. I do it 7 days a week mostly. When your body gets no protein whatsoever, it starts scavenging for damaged cells around your body to eat. And we with PKD have lots of those! so eat away, little protein-scavenging molecules. As outlined in POST#01

Keep 16-18 hours between dinner and lunch, have only bulletproof coffee for breakfast. – Ketosis When you are eating the bulletproof diet, you can be in ketosis. This is your body’s mode of running on ketones (little fat molecules) instead of glucose. It has numerous health benefits, and while you shouldn’t do it every day, you should do it for most of the week, if you have no specific contraindications. (talk to your nutritionist, as always ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). How do you get into ketosis? eat 70% of your calories from fat (this sounds more difficult than it is, because fat has double the calories per gram. it is easy.) – and eat no carbohydrates. The MCT oil from bulletproof coffee helps with this. use it every day.

Ketosis is uniquely powerful in getting that calcium back into your cells (presuming you have enough. consume your daily calcium needs. check on cronometer! Supplement with calcium gluconate if needed.) – and it also gets Autophagy going! Only doing these three things got my cysts shrinking. You might to have to do some more stuff, because everyone is different, but it sure will improve your situation in many ways. Good luck to you all and heal well! ๐Ÿ™‚