HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.

02 – The Bulletproof Diet – The Key to Reversing PKD

Good morning dear Friends! Read all of this. 😉
I’ll start this day off with by talking about Nutrition a bit.
You have possibly heard just to eat a “balanced diet”.
I’ll break it down easy:
We need 3 things from our nutrition.
1. Macronutrients
2. Micronutrients
3. Molecular Triggers (the exciting stuff!)
The diet that changed everything for me, and got me my first reduction in kidney volume is the “Bulletproof Diet” over at
get the pdf here:…/BPDRMrast-06112014.55436.…
Dave Asprey does sell a book, but they have a free awesome podcast and hundreds of blogposts. It is science-based nutrition.
This first step might take you a couple of weeks or months. But this is the base of our house of health, we can not be stable without this base. Get educated and
get this right.
Look at the image below. It tells you all the foods that are in the “green zone” (good) and in the “red zone” (bad) and everything inbetween (orange) so you know
what to shop for to get started.
Once you eat the right stuff, it is important to check if you are doing it right.
For calculating your daily Macro- and Micronutrient intake there is a great website: – enter one weeks worth of food in there and you will have an overview of your diet.
Look at what vitamins and minerals you are missing. Make sure you meet your calorie needs. Eat more if you want/have to.
Just keep the ratio of your calories 50-70% fat, 5% carbs and the rest protein. This is the bulletproof diet basis.
Get all your Micronutrient needs sufficient or exceed them. I can not stress this enough. You will need to supplement some, mostly minerals and some Vitamins,
depending on your Diet.
I supplement around 20-30 micronutrients and minerals daily.
For number three, our molecular triggers, I have collected some specific strategies to push the buttons of our PKD genes and slow , halt or reverse cyst
progression. This entirely depends on your condition, how many triggers you can push at any given time, and how well you meet your nutritional needs.
It also depends on how clean you keep your body. So no pesticides or old/moldy food. The bulletproof diet really is your best bet to eat CLEAN.
Get educated on its principles.
So, on to the triggers. There are two kinds of triggers. Supplements and Nutrition Strategies.
You might have noticed something else in the image below. “Protein Fasting” and “Intermittent Fasting”. These are 2 Nutrition Strategies that inhibit a substance
called “mTOR”. You will find this info on the bulletproof website aswell. What’s important for us to know, is that cysts can not grow without mTOR!
So we will press all the triggers we can get to suppress that mTOR for some hours every day. Think of it like a spring. Every trigger you do is another hand that
presses down on that spring that is mTOR, getting lower and lower. The lower mTOR is, the lower your cyst growth. It might even shrink them if you are really
disciplined. You can not, and should not suppress mTOR all day every day. But a few hours most days will do a lot for you.
I will tell you all about the other triggers in the next post. But now I need your feedback. Because I want you to really be able to change your life. Leave a
comment below and tell me if I wrote this well – So we can clarify anything that’s missing. Heal well! 🙂

PS: For a printable High-Resolution version of the Roadmap, go here:…/BPDRMrast-06112014.55436.…