HEALING Polycystic kidney disease one bite at a time.




My name is Felix. I’m a biohacker. I read research and test out what works for me. Good news! My cysts have been shrinking since 2014, I’m down 7% in kidney volume and counting. Kidney function is up 40%. So finally I decided to share what I did differently, so others may benefit. I will try to make everything as clear as possible. Some things may at first seem counter-intuitive, but bear with me on this. I do have the science and the results to show for it: my largest kidney is now smaller than it was 10 years ago. If you want to understand what I did – Read all of the posts in their right order to really get informed on the matter. Start with this post. It is important that we get as many people as possible informed and educated on this matter so that they can do the best for their health. If you know someone that could benefit from this information, please send them the link to this page.

So how can we know if a certain lifestyle change will shrink your cysts? Your doctor would surely know about it, yes? Well, not so fast. Let’s think about how he would know. Almost no clinical trials have been done on any specific nutrition changes over the long-term in PKD. Why? It’s close to impossible because most people don’t want to change, and runtimes that long are very expensive. But people have been eating food forever so there must be enough data to know whats best for PKD right? Well, where would that data come from? Let’s do the math. 40% of people are connected to the internet worldwide. That’s 2.8 billion people. Of those 2.8 billion approximately 1 million have PKD. Now, how many of those have ever permanently changed their lifestyle and eating habits? Hard to know for sure. But a hint could be that only about 8% of people stick to their new year’s resolutions. So if we now take that as a basis, lets assume about 10% of those PKD people have ever changed their lifestyle and stuck with it so they could evaluate if it made favorable changes to cyst formation after a couple of years. Thats 100.000 People worldwide that have internet access, PKD and ever tried to change their lifestyle. It’s quite difficult to connect all those people, since even facebook has only been around for the past 10 years. Now these people might have tried all sorts of different diets, which might have had an impact, or not- but would they even have noticed? Would they have gotten regular ultrasounds to check their progress? Surely not all of them. And even though this is so unlikely – I have actually found the one story that was written about PKD and a ketogenic diet that worked. It was mentioned as a side note in an article on about little Kailey from Philadelphia. Quote: “Kailey’s last MRI in December showed that the 2 largest cysts have decreased in size” So, did your doctor know? 😉

So, Felix, you say, what about all those people that have been eating according to a particular lifestyle for all their lives? They get PKD, too, dont they? Well, how do you know? Again, there is close to no data. It is possible that some kids out there raised on the perfect diet have PKD, but never get cysts so it is never discovered… think about that. This is why we have to be our own guinea pigs. Pick something you want to try. A vitamin. A lifestyle change. The Bulletproof Diet. Pick something you think might have an impact on your disease and stick to it. Because you can be damn sure that almost nothing has been extensively tried and tested for PKD. It is a rare disease. There is astonishingly little research out there considering lifestyle at ALL.

So dont be fooled by your doctor telling you there is nothing you can do. He doesn’t have a clue. How could he. There is no data on lifestyle.

If WE don’t do it- no one will. WE are the ones that will cure this disease. WE will try and see what works. WE will tell the others about it. So go ahead. Make the change. Measure YOUR progress. Make notes. Find the cure. Where to start?

Read all about the different things I have tried in the next post.